A Letter from Lucas to You

(Yes, really for you, whoever you are!)

Hello there!

If you are currently reading this letter, you are one of four people.

1. Myself checking this page to see how it looks

2. A hacker trying to steal my information and awesome cat picture

3. A parent who is contemplating urging their student to join one of our groups

4. A student who is considering showing up for a group to check it out

If you are #1 or 2, there is certainly something better you can be doing. If you are #3 or 4, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our tab on the Church's website! 

At LCC, it is our commitment to minister to our young people in unique, exciting, and inspiring ways. It my desire to bring you (or your student) into our community, to experience life as the Church as God designed, and to grow you in your walk with Christ. The way that we look to do this is both through participation in our big groups and through our personal relationships with each other that we develop in small groups.

OVERFLOW - Grades 9th-12th

Sunday @ 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.


November 9-10th (Guys)

November 16-17th (Girls)

Stay tuned for more information T.B.A!


Above you will find information regarding which youth group night is right for you. If you would like any additional information, feel free to contact me via my email at lucas@lapeercc.org. I would love to buy you a coffee, pet a cat, and meet with you to answer any questions. 


Lapeer Community Church Youth (Grades 6-12th)

80 N Lake Pleasant Road • Attica, MI 48412 • 810.724.8800 • frontdesk@lapeercc.org

THE CHASE - Grades 6th-8th

Wednesday @ 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.


Lucas Powell - Youth Pastor & Cat Lover