Andrea Christensen       -        Bookkeeper

Fortunately for LCC, Andrea Christensen is somewhat of a nerd with a talent for organization who gets excited when the accounts balance. As the LCC Bookkeeper, Andrea records financial activities of the church. She enjoys fitting things together, whether they are numbers or jigsaw puzzles. After living for 31 years in California, Andrea returned home to Michigan and continued worshiping Jesus and being grateful for God’s unconditional love.

Chris Baldridge       -        Business Administration Director

Bio to come.

Melissa Stern        -        Children's Director

With a passion for people, Melissa is the perfect leader for Children’s Ministry.  She believes that everyone should feel valued and understood.  She and her husband, Dan, have been married for 12 years and they have 4 boys: Caleb, Micah, Joshua, David.  They have been attending LCC for 4 years and are very involved in a number of ministries and Bible studies. Melissa loves her role as a wife and a mom and nothing gives her more joy than her family.  When asked what she can’t live without, her response was, “it would be impossible for me to give up my smart phone and the electronic calendar that syncs across devices.”  Spoken like a truly busy mother!

Richard Schwab        -        Senior Pastor - Board Member - Church Elder

Rik Schwab moved to Lapeer in 1999 with his wife Mindy to start a church that would appeal to people who didn’t like church. In 2001, they started LCC, and now 13 years later, he continues to serve as Senior Pastor. He and Mindy live with their six daughters (yes, six girls!) in downtown Lapeer, where Rik also coaches soccer with his daughters and even occasionally cleans windows. Formerly a music teacher and with a talented family, he enjoys music, singing with his daughters, and playing his ukelele. He is particularly inspired by people who live out their commitment to God and are happy serving even when it is difficult.

Kent Becker      -        Building and Grounds

While his wife Denise is taking care of our stomachs, Kent Becker takes care of the LCC building and grounds. A mechanic by trade, Kent is handy around the church as well as helping family and friends with whatever he can. Jesus is his hero, and he is inspired by seeing non-believers’ eyes opened to God’s existence. Kent could never give up his belief, and loves to hear people talk about God and His creations.

Jim Arnold        -        Technology Coordinator

tinkerer with a knack for figuring out how to fix things, Jim Arnold keeps our multi-media services running smoothly as the Technology Coordinator. He maintains all of LCC’s computers and tech equipment as well as finding new ways to support ministry with new technology. Jim has been at LCC since 2006, where he felt God was leading him to work with the church to help make Christ known to all, and to befriend unbelievers and seekers. Aside from his obvious faith in Christ, Jim loves photography, his family (including four grandkids), coffee, steak, and children enthusiastically curious about life. Also, if the light is off, make sure the switch is down. It’s a rule.

Our Staff

Jodie Hunt      -       Connections Director

Working as the Administrative Assistant at LCC and with a desire that things run smoothly, Jodie Hunt has a tendency to stand in the gap, filling in wherever there is a need (for better or for worse). Aside from being a wife and mother of two, she serves on steering at MOPS and on the LCC Women’s Ministry Board. Jodie loves hearing testimonies and personal stories of faith, and making her husband and kids laugh. Paul is a hero to her, with his total, wholehearted conversion reminding her: less of me, more of God! After all, she cites Luke 7:47 when discussing the “broken” path that led her to LCC. Oh, and don’t ever bring her a casserole.

Denise Becker      -        Cafe Manager

When there’s food to be had at LCC, you can thank Denise Becker. Working as the Cafe Manager, she runs the cafe on Sundays during service, and plans and prepares food for the majority of events and meetings at LCC. Denise has a passion for local and fresh food and has been involved in farmer’s markets for several years in the community. She’s also very invested in ensuring solid education for our kids and has been serving on the Lapeer Community Schools Board since 2005. She and her husband joined LCC in 2002 because they were looking for a church with a good family feel and other people who wanted to be close to God.

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